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If you already know which video endoscope you want, please contact us through here. In accordance with application you described in e-mail, we will propose you with quotation.
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  • HNL-1.8CAM120 Super-ultra smallindustrial video borescope

  • HNL-2.9CAM
  • Ultra smallindustrial video borescope

  • ISG-4.6CAM Full Artculation Industrial video borescope
  • HNL-4.6CAM Industrial video borescope
  • TUB-4010CAM( (Dedicated borescope for turbo parts)
  • MRU-7CAM Video industrial borescope for gas-pipe

  • MRU-8CAM Video industrial water-proof borescope
Monitor Size
  • 3.5" Monitor
  • (Excluding MRU series)
    5.6" Monitor
  • (Exculuding HNL-1.8CAM)
    USB Interface
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Please note that we only accept cash before delivery.


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