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  • Aug. 28. 2020. Best selling in Aug is HNL-2.9CAM120K.Details→
  • Jul. 31. 2020. Best selling in Jul is HNL-2.9CAM120K.Details→
  • Jun. 29. 2020. Best selling in Jun is HNL-2.9CAM120K.Details→
  • May. 28. 2020. Best selling in May is HNL-1.8CAM120.Details→
  • Apr. 28. 2020. Best selling in Aprill is HNL-4.6HDC110SQ.Details→
  • Apr. 01. 2020. Best selling in March is HNL-4.6HDC110SQ.Details→
  • Apr. 01. 2020. We start reselling HKT-USB type4 due to popular demand..Details→
  • Mar. 24. 2020. 5th Manufacturing World Nagoya Rescheduled to September.Details→
  • Mar. 02. 2020. Best selling in February is HNL-2.9CAM120K.Details→
  • Feb. 04. 2020. Best selling in January is HNL-2.9CAM120K.Details→
  • Jan. 06. 2020. Thank you for your support this year.
    We really appreciate your guidance last year.
    We hope that 2020 finds you happy and successful.
  • Dec. 05. 2019. φ0.95mm&φ1.8mm industrial borescope brochure became new.
    Please have a look at it. Details→
  • Nov. 12. 2019. HKT-USB type4 will be discontinued at the end of December.
    Thank you for using.Support(repair) continues to be supported(over 3 years).