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Full High-Definition Borescope
USB/DVI interface

The USB/DVI interface (HKT-DVI) is a dedicated interface that has been developed for use with the HNL-6.0HDC series. Both the USB output and DVI output from this interface have been standardized. The main purpose of USB output is establishing a connection to a PC (Windows). Still images can be saved on the PC by operating the Capture switch in the center of the interface. Since the USB bus power is used as the drive power supply of the borescope, there is no need to arrange for power supply for the borescope when activating the USB. The main purpose of DVI output is establishing a connection to a full high-definition television. The borescope images are projected on the entire screen of a full high-definition television. Therefore, if a television with a large screen is provided, image details can be checked no matter how much the image is magnified.



  USB/DVI interface for Full High-Definition Borescope
Output interface 1) Compliance with USB output (USB2.0, UVC1.1)
2) DVI output
No. of output pixels
1920 * 1080
Output frame rate
30 FPS
48 x 146 x 33 mm
Functions Shutter button Trigger for saving still images on the PC when AMCap is used
AE mode ON/OFF(Auto brightness control) AUTO iris (automatic electronic shutter) function ON/OFF
(Brightness can be set in 8 levels when OFF)
LED light modulation
for borescope camera
LED modulation can be done in 8 levels (including OFF)
For USB output Supported PCs Windows 7 or higher
Supported application programs AMCap
However, in the case of Windows 10, operation is performed with the Windows built-in standard application called "Camera".
(Both still images and videos can be stored)
Power supply USB bus power
For DVI output Supported television 1920*1080P (30Hz)-compliant TV
(connected with a DVI-HDMI cable)
Supported monitor
(PC monitor)
1920*1080P (30Hz)-compliant PC monitor
(connected with a DVI-DVI cable)
Power supply AC adapter (+6 V) provided as an accessory
Accessories DVI-HDMI cable (2 m), USB cable (1 m),
AC adapter (6 V, 1.8 A)

Specifications can be modified without any notifications.
cautionPlease do not use industrial use portable video borescope for medical purposes.

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