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Super Extra Fine 2.9mm Industrial Video Borescope


It is a 2.9-mm super-ultra thin industrial borescope that embodies the product development concepts (Simple, Precision, Innovation) of our company. It can be used for inspecting inside ultra small holes and pipes, which are impossible to see with the help of other borescopes. It is the thinnest borescope in the world among videoscope-type borescopes that do not use fibers. (According to a survey conducted by our company.)

monitor info

Main Feature

1. 2.9-mm borescope diameter
2. The line-up includes two types of cameras, one with a close focus range (5 - 10 mm) and the other with a distant focus range (10 to 50 mm)
3. Equipped with a color 160,000-pixel CMOS imaging sensor
4. Equipped with 2 high-intensity white LED lights (The light intensity can be adjusted in 8 levels from OFF to full illumination)
5. 1-m camera tube length
6. Still images can be saved in an SD card in JPEG format
7. Comes with a side-view attachment (optional) that enables 90-degree side viewing
8. Braided hose specification for improvement in rub resistance of the tube /

Comes with a shape retaining tube (optional) that maintains the tube shape


HNL-2.9CAM camera dimensional


Model HNL-2.9CAM35N HNL-2.9CAM35F
Forcal range 5mm to 10mm 10mm to 50mm
Angle of view35 degrees
Light Source2 White LEDs
Waterproof property Drip-proof
Temperature resistance 0 to 50˚C
Sensor 1/10" CMOS Sensor Approximately 5mm
Effective insertion length400 x 400
Output HKT-3.5SA

HKT-USB type2
Material of tube PVC electrical cable
Effectiveinsertion length 1m *Customizable length up to 10m
Tube options

SUS braiding coated (HNL-2.9CAM35_V)
Shape retaining tube (HNL-2.9CAM35_H)

Camera Options
Side view mirror tip Length: 200mm(including handle section for 20mm) *Extendable up to 500mm
Outer diameter : 3.3mm
Simply attach to camera probe to see side view.
Straight view rigid tip Length:200mm *Extendable up to 500mm"
Outer diameter : 3.3mm
Simply attach to camera probe and work as rigid video bore scope.
Aluminum hard unit case 355 x 285 x 95mm

Dimensional camera Options

Specifications can be modified without any notifications.
cautionPlease do not use industrial use portable video borescope for medical purposes.

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