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Portable Industrial Video Borescope


Our HNL series general-purpose industrial borescopes are equipped with the thinness and functionality comparable to the conventional fiberscopes useful for observing narrow spaces. You can select the functionality from 4 types including wide angle/telescope, close-up/far focus range, as well as the SQ type that focuses on picture quality and angle of view. Our in-house industrial borescope is called the "Instant Borescope", and we provide industrial borescopes that can be used easily because of their simple functions. Unlike a fiberscope, the instant borescope does not make use of fibers called the imaging bundle in any way. The instant borescope has a structure in which an ultra small camera using an imaging sensor is provided at the tip of the borescope, and generally, has the same structure as industrial borescopes called videoscopes and video borescopes. Some medial borescopes and gastro cameras too have the same structure.

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Main Functions

  • Extra Fine Video Borescope φ4.6mm

    Unlike other extra fine fiber optic borescopes, our video borescope employs a high quality CMOS imaging sensor of 80,000 pixels which is directly located on the tip of camera without fiber. Therefore, it reproduces high quality images and you will not see any pixelation in the image, which you usually experience with other borescopes using fiber optics.
  • Variety of Interchangeable camera probes

    One of the unique features of our video borescope is that the interchangeable camera probe can be replaced in accordance with your observation purposes. The variety of camera probes consist of 2 different angles-of-view, wide and narrow, and 2 different depths-of-view, close-up and far. (HNL-4.6CAM only)

Variety of camera

  • High-Intensity White LEDs

    High-Intensity White LEDs can be adjusted in 8 levels to appropriately illuminate your objects. It also helps prevent halation problems from reflection.

Main Features

  • Selectable Monitor Sizes

    There are 2 types of LCD monitors available, 3.5" and 5.5". They can be used in an indoor or outdoor environment.
  • Extendable camera probe length up to 100m

    Standard length of camera probe is 1m. The length can be extendable up to 100m
  • Shortening of camera tip section

    The length of camera tip section is successfully shortened by 50% compared to our previous model. You can easily access curving or twisting pipes.

Varieties of interchangeable camera probes

A lineup of 4 types of cameras is offered through the combination of wide or narrow, and close-up or far focus. You can select the desired camera type depending on the location you want to view and the purpose of observation. Also, depending on the usage environment, the material of the camera tube can be changed from PE coated (HNL-4.6 Series standard specification) and PVC wire (HNL-2.9 CAM standard specification) to SUS braiding coated (optional) and shape retaining tube (optional).

SUS Braiding coated (optional)  Shape retaining tube (optional)




Forcal range
5mm to 10mm
10mm to 50mm
5mm to 10mm
10mm to 50mm
5mm to 100mm
Angle of view
90 degree
55 degree
120 degree
Light Source
4 White LEDs (Adjustable)
Waterproof property
Temperature resistance
0 to 50˚C
1/18" CMOS Imaging sensor
1/10" CMOS Imaging sensor
Effective pixels
320 x 240
400 x 400
HKT-USB type4
HKT-USB type2
Effective insertion length
1m *Customizable length up to 100m
1m *Customizable length up to 10m
Material of tube
Surface : Low density PE, Inside : Stainless spiral tube
Tube options
SUS braiding coated(HNL-4.6CAM___V)
Shape retaining tube(HNL-4.6CAM___H)

Camera Options
Side view mirror tip 200mm (including handle section for 20mm)
*Extendable up to 500mm
Simply attach to camera probe to see side view.
Straight view rigid tip 200mm
*Extendable up to 500mm
Simply attach to camera probe and work as rigid video bore scope.

Dimensional camera Options

Specifications can be modified without any notifications.
cautionPlease do not use industrial use portable video borescope for medical purposes.

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