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φ4.6mm Extra Fine Full Articulating Industrial Video Borescope

ISG-4.6CAM "We want to observe inside narrower holes and pipeways more easily."
"We have a video borescope with an articulating tip, but it cannot be used because of its large size."
"We want a thin videoscope with an articulating tip, but cannot buy it due to its high price."

Our ultra thin 4.6-mm (diameter) ISG-4.6CAM industrial borescope with an articulating tip is the answer to all your above problems and demands. While the ISG-4.6CAM borescope is very thin (just 4.6mm in diameter), the tip of the borescope supports 360-degree full articulation. For easy use at the work site, we have adopted a joystick to enable bending of the scope tip. All you need to do is move the joystick while looking at the image reflected on the available monitor to be able to capture the desired object. We have also been successful in offering our products at a price that is less than 1/5th of other major industrial borescope manufacturers (according to our survey) through direct sales of products developed and produced in-house.

monitor info

Main Feature

1. 360-degree articulation in all directions / 90-degree bending angle (operation performed with a joystick)
2. 5 to 100-mm depth of field and 120-degree angle of view. Also, an aspheric glass lens is used
3. 18-mm rigid tip of the borescope
4. Equipped with a color 160,000-pixel CMOS imaging sensor
5. Equipped with 4 high-intensity white LED lights
6. Equipped with a light modulation function (The light intensity can be adjusted in 8 levels from OFF to full illumination)
7. A 3.5-inch or 5.6-inch monitor can be selected
8. Still images can be saved in an SD card in JPEG format


ISG-4.6CAM dimensional

ISG-4.6CAM dimensional


Model ISG-4.6CAM120SQV
Sensor 1/10" CMOS Sensor
Resolutions 400 x 400
Output HKT-3.5SA

HKT-USB type2
Light Source4 White LEDs (Adjustable LED intensity)
Camera probe diameter 4.6mm
Angle of view 120
Articulation angle 90 Degrees
Articulation direction360 Degrees
Focal distance 5 to 100mm
Probe length 1m
Waterproof propertyDrip-proof
Unit case 415 x 290 x 100mm

Specifications can be modified without any notifications.
cautionPlease do not use industrial use portable video borescope for medical purposes.

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