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HKT-3.5J / HKT-5.6
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Main Functions

  • Clear image

    By employing TFT monitor, 3.5" size of monitors can reproduce clear and distinctive images.
  • Adjustable LED lights intensity switches

    LED can be adjusted by 8 levels.
  • Replaceable batteries

    Since the monitor can be operated with either regular AA batteries or A/C power adapter, it can be used in any inspection field.
  • Connection to TV monitor

    Monitor can be attached to any TV monitor equipped with NTSC video input. You can display the image on a large TV monitor to share the information.

Main Features

  • Hand-hold size monitor fits into your pocket

    Size of monitor is designed to fit into the pockets of work clothing. You can easily carry it around.
  • SD card

    ured into SD card in monitor and you can easily transfer it to your computer to save. Since the image is automatically saved in Jpeg format, additional imaging software is not required to view the images on your computer.
  • Tilting Desk-Top Mount

    Angle of monitor can be easily adjusted and desk-top mount can be stored to monitor.

Connection Diagram



3.5" Monitor
Model HKT-3.5SA
Screen3.5" Color TFT Monitor
Screen size 72mm x 52mm
Effective resolution320 x 3 (RGB) x 240
Input HNL-4.6 series / HNL-2.9 series / ISG-4.6CAM120SQ, TUB-4010CAM120SQ
Output SD card , NTSC video
Storage formatJPEG
Power AC power adapter (6V, 1.8A)
4 Size AA batteies (2 hour in continued use)
Unit dimension 130 x 83 x 45 mm
Weight 300g
Accessories AC power adapter (6V, 1.8A), SD card, RCA video cable (for TV monitor)
Options Aluminum hard case (Only ISG-4.6CAM comes with free aluminum hard case)

Specifications can be modified without any notifications.
cautionPlease do not use industrial use portable video borescope for medical purposes.

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